Project example 1

Worldwide standardization of the measurement and testing procedures in 17 technical centers for engine and brake test benches. Based on this, we achieved standardization of software and hardware with successful primary cost reduction in the double-digit percentage range and comparability of measurement data.

Project example 2

Market development in Eastern Europe in the areas of development and manufacturing of injection molding tools (plastics) and components for worldwide reference in the manufacturing network. Optimization of setup times and cycle times, primarily through technological optimization of cooling/refrigeration systems. Result: intensified competition and an increase in reference quality with simultaneous cost reduction.

Project example 3

Ensuring a restart in South Africa for Toyota through early supplier development. Evaluation and deduction of deficits via a supplier potential assessment based on technology, business, quality, and logistics potential. Result: early safeguarding, start-up quality and time.

Project example 4

Global project management for the development, optimization and establishment of the procurement process and methods for the purchase of capital goods. Development of all relevant processes and documentation (structured knowledge retention), development of a communication and control concept including review workshops. Development of a preferred supplier concept, simultaneous engineering, worldwide bundling, and standardized contract management with a decentralized retrieval option. Result: significant savings; capital goods and process cost optimization in purchasing (technological/commercial).