Project example 1

The M&A was individually supported with services ranging from technical evaluation of the company, sales talks and negotiations to the integration of the acquisition. Result: ensuring synergies.

Project example 2

Project management outsourcing. Based on a joint technology assessment (core competencies) and definition of the production concept (lean management), the value creation, including its responsibility for quality, was shifted to the supply chain. Results: significant improvements to the lead time, inventory, and cash flow.

Project example 3

Project management value performance for optimization of price, performance, and function ratios. Development of competitor analysis, target functions, technical optimizations, manufacturing and service improvements and their implementation. Result: significant improvements to manufacturing costs and lead time.

Project example 4

Development and establishment of a purchasing function (technical and strategic purchasing, project purchasing) and implementation of purchasing and success monitoring on the basis of material and MRP groups, as well as manufacturing costs. Extension to logistics, quality, and access codes and linking to policy deployment and variable compensation. Result: increase in performance, materials management and production costs reduction with income statement relevance.