Project example 1

Market development with regard to the Chinese competitor situation in the area of production equipment for crystalline solar cells and thin-film technology (CIGS). Object of investigation: thermal processes, automation and wet chemistry. Result: strategic planning and deduction of market and target costs.

Project example 2

Yield increase in silica glass production through production analyses and technical product improvements in the US, Europe, Korea, and China. Cost optimization and production guarantee.

Project example 3

Evaluation of a Chinese manufacturing location after a pairwise comparison of production location factors. The supply chain including supply concepts and types was calculated based on a core, key, and standard technology assessment of a suitable production machine and local market development via the availability of its parts. Result: detailed implementation plan including detailed cost components.

Project example 4

Analysis and examination of all relevant risks resulting from liabilities. Classification, evaluation, and development of strategies and execution of the defined measures. Development and reporting of the risk of commitments across the entire value chain (customer to tier 2 supplier) and familiarization with risk management. Result: transparency and considerable reduction of commitments.